I Like Hipsters Ironically

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Superhuman Gender Roles. Instructor: Valkyrie

Valkyrie: Sleeping Beauty. Bridal magazines. “The Bachelor.” All oppressive tools of the patriarchy indoctrinating us to believe we need men to complete our lives. The truth, sisters, is that men will inevitably disappoint you. Intellectually, on the battlefield, and most of all… in the bedchamber.

Valkyrie: Many of the Valkyrior embrace a vow of chastity. It does wonders for focusing a warrior’s mind on what’s truly important: cleaving skulls. But I recognize it can be difficult especially for youths, to ignore the natural appetites of the healthy female body. I am pleased to report one need not turn to a male for satisfaction in this area. Mortal craftsmen have devised-
Tigra: VAL!! What are you doing? You’re supposed to be teaching them to fight! 
Valkyrie: And so I am. To fight the oppression of the phallocentric society they live in. 

Avengers Academy #3

Still the best class ever.

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